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Banaras , India

Chhapak is a brand that strives to bring traditional Indian-craft into popularity by blending it with a contemporary touch. Our handcrafted products are envisioned to be created by talented artisans coming from all corners of India. Chhapak’s products come with an added utility value, which not only please the eye, are playful and also help in various tasks. Ranging from wooden products to soft material products, our brand creates a wide array of hand-crafted utility items.

The wooden products begin their journey as large logs of wood which are cut into smaller parts as required. Chhapak makes use of Eucalyptus wood to create its products. Eucalyptus wood is locally available to artisans. Wood turning is the first step in this process. Skilled workers work on the lathe to turn wood into desired shapes. Wood is shaped using various kinds of tools. The acquired shape is then smoothened and painted using lac –a natural resin. The colours used are bright and eye-catching. These natural colours such as yellow from turmeric, vermillion from Kumkum, blue from indigo powder, and green using indigo powder and turmeric add a pleasing value to the product. In this process, men usually procure wood, hand carve it, and practice lacquering. The women adorn the product by painting and decorating them. The adept fingers of these craftsmen create magic to turn an ordinary piece of log into a beautiful product.

The soft material products are playful and display a sense of emotion. Behind each item stands the proficient work and spirited emotion of the craftsmen.

By setting this playful combination of tradition and modernism in Banarasi crafts as a stepping stone, Chhapak aims to move forward to encompass all diverse crafts of India. While doing this, we aim to create a haven for artisans to safeguard our traditional crafts as we advance into this modern world.



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