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Wild Water (male)
Pune , India

My handmade products are made in India. We make our merchandise without automation in Pune.
I purchase as much lumber from local farmers to help the local economy. Most of the stain I use is purchased from Wisconsin, low VOC and is eco-friendly!
It is a tradition to carry beer at your friend’s party or for that matter, any other regular party. Beer often demands companionship when a large group of people sit and savour the moment together. As a rule of thumb, beer drinkers always purchase it in bulk, for instance, not less than a caret or so.
Wild water brings you an authentic, beautiful wooden accessory which will add on to your decor and these trendy wooden carrier look quite hip and sturdy compared to any other carriers or holders. These carriers are made of high quality wood, for day to day use. A funky looking wooden holder will make your stack of beer stand out and look presentable even when used as a gift. Also, it is definitely a collectible as well as personalized and a keep for all occasions.
We add new collection every week. Follow my store for more updates.



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