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New Delhi , India

I grew up watching my mother and grandmother knit, sew and embroider on a daily basis and my father doing his carpentry and architecting. Even as a child my interest peaked and I decided to learn all the skills that my family had. Ever since I've enjoyed handcrafting anything from sewing clothes to making household items. My interest in leather handbags began when I started college. I studied Fashion and lifestyle accessory in NIFT, New Delhi. We were given the freedom to learn and design anything that we wanted and that is when I was completely drawn to making handbags. I loved everything about making a handbag from imagining and putting it down on paper to cutting and stitching and just watching the beautiful structure come to life. I owe everything I know and do now to my family and the artisans I've worked with over the past few years.

This new venture is the brainchild of what I've learnt and love. My approach to my designs are minimal yet elegant. Each handbag is designed and handcrafted with attention to every detail. All products are made using authentic leather carefully sourced from tanneries all over India.
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